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Client Testimonials

“I was thinking how ironic it was that I heard of your successful work with fellow brothers and sisters in police work during a time in my life that I didn’t know which way to turn for help and professional guidance.”

William J. Nardozzi (Retired), Seekonk Police Dept.

“Steve is a fighter, a fighter for all cops who have been hurt or injured in the line of duty.”

Sgt. Dale Prentiss (Retired), Shirley Police Dept.

“Attorney Ballin worked diligently so that I would receive something for my pain and suffering, and he accomplished just that.”

Det. Jim Schultz, Swampscott Police Dept.

“Anyone that thinks all lawyers are the same obviously has not had the opportunity to meet you and witness your work.”

Edward R. Perry, Sgt. (Retired), Millbury Police Department

“Attorney Ballin helped me to fight for my son and my family for the terrible loss we suffered.”

Frances MacKinnon Berghaus, Sgt., Massachusetts Department of Corrections

"Your efforts have truly made me whole again."

Sgt. Daniel O'Brian, West Springfield Police Department

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Dear Mr. Ballin:

Please accept my sincere thank you for the dedication to my injury case that was demonstrated by yourself and your staff. The successful financial conclusion to this case has been a tremendous help to my family and never would have happened if it were not for your efforts.

In July of 1992 and after 25 years in uniform I found myself hurt for the first time, out of work I.O.D., and facing serious elbow surgery. As you are aware, my injury was the result of a boating accident rescue and without exception I was told, even by other lawyers, that getting hurt was part of the job despite the negligence of others.

Fortunately, I heard about your work and that was a significant day. My family and I remain forever grateful for your knowledge, relentless pursuit of a fair settlement and dedication to my rights as an injured police officer. The respect that your firm was given throughout this process and the integrity of your staff was undoubtedly responsible for the successful outcome of my case. Anyone that thinks all lawyers are the same obviously has not had the opportunity to meet you and witness your work.

Once again, thank you from my entire family. I look forward to the opportunity to introduce you to other officers in need and please feel free to supply my name and telephone number to any officer that considers retaining your firm in the future.

Very truly yours,
Edward R. Perry, Sgt. (Retired)
Millbury Police Department

On August 28, 2002 my life changed forever. While responding to a 911 call, I was shot in the gut with a 44 magnum by a man who was drunk and wanted payback with two young women. My 23-year career was over, as well as my life as a strong man was gone. The pain, embarrassment of severe flatulence, and diarrhea still happen, as a result of having so much digestive tract being cut from my body. And the nightmares that my wife and I experience most every night will never go away.

Steve Ballin is a man who is “True Blue.” I don’t use those words loosely, as in law enforcement, we cops know the meaning of “True Blue.” No Steve doesn’t wear a badge, nor has he been through the academy. Nor does he face down bullets, knives, or punches. But in what he did for me and my family, he is True Blue. Steve is a fighter, a fighter for all cops who have been hurt or injured in the line of duty. My life has changed forever, but with Steve Ballin’s help and friendship, he has made my life full again by fighting for compensation from the drunk who shot me and his father who gave him the gun. For my family, my wife and myself, all I can say is God bless you Steve and thank you for being my friend.

Sgt. Dale Prentiss (Retired)
Shirley Police Department

Several years ago I was patrolling a main street on my department’s motorcycle in broad daylight, when a young man in an early model Oldsmobile took a left turn directly into me launching me up and over the hood of his car and sending the motorcycle careening down a side street; the motorcycle was subsequently declared a total wreck and my left leg was severely injured with several breaks and severed arteries. I spent several days in the hospital as I had encountered some complications, but following some surgeries and a permanent rod in my leg I was finally able to come home.

The good news about all this is, a woman who happened to be walking down the street and witnessed the entire incident had a daughter who worked for Attorney Steven Ballin, she called her daughter and told her about the accident and said that “someone should do something for that officer.” The “someone” came in the form of Attorney Steve Ballin. Attorney Ballin made himself available to me at any time and even came to my house to discuss the case. As is often the case, the owner/operator of the M/V was woefully underinsured and any monies that I may have coming from him was going to be absorbed by a lien that had been assigned by my community.

Attorney Ballin worked diligently so that I would receive something for my pain and suffering, and he accomplished just that. As an aside to this accident, as Attorney Ballin was visiting me at my home he observed a large scar on my other leg and he inquired about it and I informed him that it was the result of a human bite that I had received during an arrest. Attorney Ballin asked how much I had received for that and I told him nothing. He again went to work and managed to get a settlement for an injury that I wasn’t even aware was compensable.

I can’t say enough about Attorney Ballin and his dedication to getting just settlements for IOD injuries. I have recommended him to several colleagues from various departments and will continue to do so. He did well by me and I was lucky to have met him.

Det. Jim Schultz
Swampscott Police Department

Dear Steve and Associates,

My family and I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and let you all know that because of the results of your fine legal work, my family and I are once again looking forward to another year, despite my disabilities and subsequent retirement from the police department.

As you all realize the substantial settlement, the disability benefits, and the ongoing support of my case these past years, have certainly all made the transition from working full time in a very active town, to the more sedentary life I live now, a much less stressful situation for me and my family. With proper investment strategies, my untimely early retirement years don’t look too bad.

Just the other day I was thinking how ironic it was that I heard of your successful work with fellow brothers and sisters in police work during a time in my life that I didn’t know which way to turn for help and professional guidance. I was very distrustful of everyone, and had grave doubts from my doctors that I would ever be able to return to active duty. I had a wife and two young children who depended on my income and my good health.

I made the initial phone call to you as a “shot in the dark.” Within minutes you put me completely at ease. You were truly a “policeman’s best friend,” especially this one! After that first phone call and frequent calls thereafter, I felt I was not only getting the best medical support but also the best legal advice in the state.

As we head into yet another year, I just wanted to let you and your wonderful team know that I thank you all very much and my family and I will forever be grateful and indebted to you. The best way I can think to repay you for the outstanding work is to mention your name, share my story with fellow police officers, and tell them about the huge difference your expertise and dedication made, as I have been doing for the past few years.

Thanks again for taking the time with my case, for working closely with my doctors, for dealing with the very difficult negotiations with my town, and the always courteous manner you kept with all the parties involved.

If I can ever be of assistance to you please do not hesitate to call me. You were there for me and I will always be there for you.

William J. Nardozzi (Retired)
Seekonk Police Department

Dear Steve,

The natural order of life is that you bury your grandparents, your parents, but you don’t bury any of your children. That is where my life was when I met Attorney Steven Ballin. My son was killed while on his motorcycle en route to work. He was a Massachusetts Correctional Officer. Attorney Ballin helped me to fight for my son and my family for the terrible loss we suffered. His knowledge of the law and his support and compassion for the family was so much more than any of us expected. We were all comfortable from the beginning with him, and at each step of the way during my legal battle. Attorney Ballin was in constant contact with me keeping me informed. That meant a lot to us. We needed to know what was going on. He didn’t hesitate once to call me and say something developed, or just to say that we were still waiting for a particular issue. I always knew where the case was. When Attorney Ballin won my case, it was a weight lifted off my shoulders. The judgment of the court couldn’t have been anything but a win, due to the hard work, dedication and care of Steven Ballin. I since have sent other family members and friends to him for other issues, to which they won settlements for their injury. I not only have a good attorney, but I also have a good friend in Steve Ballin. I would highly recommend that anyone with any personal injury issues call the office of Steven Ballin. It will be the best phone call you ever make.

Frances MacKinnon Berghaus
Sgt., Massachusetts Department of Corrections
Mother of the late Correction Officer Donald W. Badger

Dear Attorney Ballin,

It seems like such a short time ago that I agonized over calling your firm to talk about my accident to see what you thought. It's been two years and the case has been settled for the full limit on the policy and I am once again in a dilemma. I find it very difficult to find the words to express my gratitude and deep appreciation for all your efforts. I'm sure you have heard it before from other police officers; I accept the possibility of being injured or worse on this job. My wife is an adult and I was a police officer when I met her, so she knew the risks. My children were born into my career choice and have no control over things. This event was very traumatic for them. It unfortunately made them have to think about me not coming home when I leave for work. The effect of the successful conclusion of this case has been to compensate them for their pain and suffering. The proceeds will be put away for their futures. When the time comes to use it for their benefit, I will explain to them that it was made possible due to your hard work and great legal skills. I would consider it an honor if you would use me as a reference if needed. I will continue to refer your services to any injured officers that I know. Thank you doesn't express the depth of my gratitude; your efforts have truly made me whole again.

Sgt. Daniel O'Brien
West Springfield Police Department



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